ATTENTION TO ALL CURRENT AND NEW USERS: Unfortunately, due to the shut down messages that was received on the "Pedal Shot Wiki", "AnimeShoes Wiki" and some other shoe/foot related wikis, this wikia will receive a shut down message anytime soon. More of this is explained in detail on this blog post right here. Thank you for your cooperation!

Welcome to the Girls Shoe Loss Wiki

A wiki dedicated to girls/females losing one of their shoes and for a while ends up wearing only one shoe.

Important guidelines to know and follow before contributing to Girls Shoe Loss Wiki

  • This wikia topic is focused on girls/females losing one of their shoes. When updating a shoe loss scene, you can only update a shoe loss from girls/females only. Boys/Male shoe losses WILL NOT be allowed on this wiki. So only update girls/female shoe loss only.
  • As far as footsie scenes, the only action from a footsie scene we want to see is the shoe being removed and nothing else. However, Connie Nelson article will be the only page to have a full on footsie scene for girls shoe loss.
  • When making an article about a girl/female losing a shoe, this wiki only accepts a girl/female losing only one shoe, and NOT BOTH shoes. So only make an edit of girls/females losing only one shoe, and NOT both shoes.
  • For this wikia, you are allowed to add a female characters identity/head/face when making an edit. But make sure the female characters, celebrites, etc., are shown wearing one shoe. Close-ups on females wearing one shoe is also acceptable.
  • When adding a female shoe loss from a live action movie and/or television character, the title of the page should be the cast members name and not the movie and/or television character's name, for example, those live action movie/television articles should be named, Natalie Wood, Ariana Grande, Drew Barrymore, etc.
  • You are more than welcomed to add a female shoe loss from a celebrity in real life, animated and/or live action movie/television characters, fanfiction stories, non famous females, etc. However, please DO NOT add anything inappropriate such as a character being dead and/or a character being fully naked when making an edit to a female shoe loss. This rule is being used on this wika because it violates Fandom's Terms of Use.
  • No drama, cussing and/or yelling in the comments, and ABSOLUTELY NO arguing with Iamaman1977, 8AnimeChampMaster or any other Admin on this Wikia.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a block sentence. So make sure you follow the rules!

About Girls Shoe Loss Wiki

This wikia is a resource dedicated to female celebrities, female movie and television characters, and other females in real life losing one of their shoes and getting stranded afterwards wearing only one shoe.

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